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The Shining Moon Main Office is a special map that contains most of the important NPCs of Shining Moon, excluding essential ones and a few such as Rental NPC and Stylist, which can be found in Fortessas Town Square.

It is located in the building immediately south-west of the fountain in Fortessa.

First floor

  • All the NPCs on the first floor
  • Job Changer Elaine - Elaine takes care of any adventurer in need of advancing to the next class.
  • Daily Reward Officer - Daily Reward Officer lets you check in daily for rewards.
(Ingame command to check your current day: @calendar)
  • Costume Maker Cherryl - Cherryl can make any headgear you have into a costume, but it will lose the stats it has and cannot be enchanted.
  • Costume Converter - Costume Converter lets you convert any headgear or costume into a costume (this can be used to change the slot the costume goes into).
  • Build Manager Stella - Stella will take care of you when you want to save a certain build, and also load it if you do not want to put your stats/skills all over again.
  • Reset Girl - Reset Girl is there for you when you are in need of resetting stats/and or skills.
  • Platinum Skill NPC - Platinum Skill NPC will give you any platinum skills such as Holy Light for Priest or Change Cart 2 for Blacksmith/Alchemist.
  • Feel Resetter - Feel Resetter can reset your Hatred or Feeling designated to monsters/maps.
  • Raffam Oranpere - Master of the Sword Clan.
  • Shaam Rumi - Master of the Crossbow Clan.
  • Berman Aire - Master of the Golden Mace Clan.
  • Devon Aire - Master of the Arc Wand Clan.
  • Class Master Brutus - Brutus lets you purchase or delete a secondary class.
  • Storage Master - Storage Master lets you rename your storages and also lets you learn the skill Call Storage in exchange for 100 Kafra Cards. (This skill is account-wide and lets you open your storage anywhere.)
  • Cooldown Manager - Cooldown Manager let you reset instance and quest cooldown if you have class mastery unlocked.
  • Cashshop Expert - Extension of the cash shop.
  • Housing Manager - Housing Manager lets you buy a guild house.
  • Belinda - Belinda will reward you when your character reach 230 with 1x base EXP rate.

Second Floor

  • All the NPCs on the first floor
  • Card Remover - This wise old woman will let you decard your equipment with a fee. It will cost you 1 Yellow Gemstone, 1 Star Crumb and 250,000 Zeny per card.
  • Local Exchanger Pherryl - Pherryl lets you exchange 1 Moon Coin into 100 Cash Points or 12 Moonlight Coins into 100 Cash Points.
He also lets you exchange 100 Cash Points into 1 Moon Coin.
  • Bank Manager - Bank Manager allows you to transfer cash point between servers.
  • War Effort - War Effort lets you contributes to the War Effort to activate ECA event.
  • Item Restore Manager - Item Restore Manager lets you re-buy an item you sold to NPC, or restore an item broken through refining.
  • Eden Marketplace - teleports you to the Eden Marketplace.

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