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[Cannot be used inside instance maps!]

About/How to

  • Secondary Master Brutus

Visit Secondary Master Brutus in the Main Office [/navi to purchase your secondary class for 25,000,000 Zeny. Alternatively you can purchase the Class Scroll from the Cash shop to unlock your secondary class.
Visit Secondary Master Brutus to purchase your 3rd slot for 500,000,000 Zeny. Alternatively you can purchase the Letter from Brutus from the Cash shop to unlock your third slot.

Every purchased extra class will automatically be a Novice 1/1.

You can have up to 3 different classes (or the same class x3 on the same character).
You can swap between these classes using the skill: Class Mastery
-- [Class Mastery] Lvl 1 - Main Class
-- [Class Mastery] Lvl 2 - Secondary Class
-- [Class Mastery] Lvl 3 - Third Class
-- [Class Mastery] Lvl 4 - Menu selection to swap between classes

You can find this skill in ETC of your skill tree (ALT+S)

Changing your class

  • Once you have unlocked the third slot, you can reset your third spot back to Novice 1/1 for 100,000,000 Zeny instead of having to purchase it again for another 500m zeny.
  • For the first slot it will simply take another 25,000,000 Zeny.

How to swap

In ALT+S you you can find a skill called Class Mastery under the ETC tab, use it.


Upon switching every buff except a list of food, potions and manuals will be removed to not cause any imbalance.

What does it do?

When you switch your class it will automatically save the following information:

  • Base Level
  • Job Level
  • Stats [Allocated]
  • Skills [Allocated]
  • Base EXP
  • Job EXP
  • Equipment Position
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Cloth color
  • Body Outfit
  • Hotkeys
  • Status Point
  • Skill Points
  • Cart/Mado/Mount

If you keep your equipment from either your first, secondary or third class in your inventory that you wore before switching class, it will automatically re-equip your items on the correct positions.
And it will load the new information of the other class that you have.