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How to

When you create you character, the beginner instance will allow you chose whether or not you wish to be a baby.
If you have changed your mind later to become a baby you can type @babyme in your chatbox and become a 1/1 Baby Novice or Baby Summoner.
Or you go to the Main Office and talk to Job Changer Elaine and chose the option "Baby Novice"/"Baby Summoner", or you get adopted by two loving people. <3

However, you can only do this as a novice, no other class works.

Rebirth !

To balance that baby classes are equal to any transcended class we have added a baby rebirth.
You will have the same stat benefits as a transcended class as well as transcended skills.

Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Novice -> Baby Acolyte -> Baby Priest [ 99 / 70 ] -> Baby Arch Bishop
Baby classes have to reach twice job level 70 to balance the part of them having transcended skills already as first Baby Priest.
Be aware: Baby second classes have the same exp requirement as transcended classes.

Baby changes

  • As a baby char, normally you had certain limitations and penalties, these have been reworked and you can now equip gear that you normally couldn't. For example, a baby Arch Bishop couldn't wear Diabolus Robe because of the "Transcended Status". As-long as it matches your gender, class and level you can equip it.
  • There is no longer a penalty to HP/SP. Every Baby Class have the 25% transcended HP/SP automatically.
  • You can equip any transcended equipment.
  • You will have the the same status points as the "adult" version. e.g. 130 max in a stat.
  • You will have the same skill points as the "adult" version.
  • Baby chars can purchase a secondary class, just like others. You can also make that a normal char, and if you are adopted, not gone through @babyme or the job changer, the secondary class, even "adult", will be adopted.
  • Baby chars has no penalties to stats e.g. ATK, FLEE, HIT.
  • Baby chars can purchase alternative outfits, just like normal chars.
  • Babies have no penalty towards crafting.
  • Baby classes are considered size medium in pvp.

Babies can marry aslong as they have not been adopted by anyone, but they cannot adopt anyone.