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War Effort is a new server feature that enables players to contribute to a big pool of different server-wide item requirements and quests. Completion of a War Effort will activate the Exchanger Album Event (ECA) with a duration of 24 hours. Players are able to donate and track the progress of the requirement pool by talking to the War Effort NPC in @go office (2nd Floor).

  • War Effort NPC
    Located: @go office (2nd Floor)

Effort Types and Completion Requirements

There are a total of 4 different War Effort Types. Each Effort varies in completion requirements. All players can donate to the War Effort pool. There is no minimum or maximum limit for contribution.

Booster Effort

  • 10 000 Booster Quests to be completed.
  • 50 000 Booster CoinsBooster coin.pngto be donated.

Illusion Effort

Monstrous Effort

  • 10 000 000 Monster Kills to be completed.
  • 150x 17Carat Diamonds17carat.PNG to be donated.

Purgatory Effort

After Completion

After the requirements of a specific Effort has been met, the Special Announcer NPC in Fortessa will declare a 24h countdown until the activation of the ECA event.

War effort npc2.PNG

  • The activated ECA event lasts for 24 hours.
  • The specific War Effort completed will then undergo a 4 week cooldown.
  • If another war effort is completed at the same time, the duration of the ECA event will be prolonged for another 24 hours.