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Upon your first login you automatically receive the Level Box.
You can open it for rewards once your level reaches the minimum for each bracket.
You can keep the box unopened aswell. You automatically receive a new box upon opening it unless you already received your last reward.
Note: If you by any chance threw it out you will gain a new one by relogging.


Basic Package ( Lv 1 ) Intermediate Package (Lv 50) Veteran Package (Lv 99) Master Package (Lv 150)
Battle Manual 50% Kafra Card (x2) Battle Manual 50% Token of Siegfried (x2)
Novice Potion (x100) Small Life Potion (x2) Job Manual 50% Small Defense Potion (x2)
Blessing Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Assumptio Lv 5 Scroll (x5) Regeneration Potion (x5) Bubble Gum (x2)
Agility Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Yellow Potion (x100) Blue Potion (x25) White Potion (x100)