Weekly Quest

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Requires you to finish 5 Memorial Dungeons.
You have time until Monday 00:01 server time to finish these and hand it in at the Weekly Manager at @go exchange, which will then reward you a 51010.png Costume Treasure and 5x 23919.png Kachua's Secret Key

Costume Treasure, which contains a random costume headgear from Shining Moon.
Kachua's Secret Key contains a random item from Kachua Item List

List of instances that count towards the Weekly Quest.

Weekly Quest Instances
Airship Assault Bakonawa Lake Bangungot Hospital Bios Island Buwaya Cave Central Laboratory
Charleston Crisis Devil's Tower Endless Cellar Endless Tower Faceworm's Nest Ghost Palace
Horror Toy Factory Infinity Space Last Room Morse Cave Nidhoggur's Nest Nightmarish Jitterbug
Old Glast Heim (Normal Mode) Old Glast Heim (Hard Mode) Sara & Fenrir Society Raid Temple of the Demon God Wolfchev's Laboratory