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We encourage all our players to report rule breaking. However, we ask that you try and solve the issue amongst yourselves before reporting it to the GM team. These rules are subject to change and will be updated as seen fit.


  • Ignorance or not knowing the rules does not save you from punishment.
  • Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, and don't cause grief or drama to anybody.
  • Respect others. This goes towards players as well as staff members.
  • Main communication language with staffs and in main chats, both in the discord and the server is ENGLISH.
  • Do not AFK or DUAL CLIENT in Battlegrounds and Automated Events.
  • Do not 'feed' Battlegrounds. Players who are not attempting to help their team will be kicked from Battlegrounds and punished accordingly.
  • Do not exploit bugs. Report them immediately to any GM through the Ticket System. Exploiting bugs will result in punishment.
  • Do not advertise other servers. You will be permanently banned. Talking about official servers is an exception to this rule.
  • Do not conduct real money transactions (RMT) or trade between other servers/games. This rule applies outside the game as well and will result in a permanent ban for all players involved.
  • Do not jokes about conducting real money transactions (RMT), players who do will find themselves permanently banned, it does not matter if a transaction did not occur.
  • Do not attempt to sell or trade your account to another player.
  • Do not assist or tolerate rule breaking activities. If you are aware of someone breaking a rule and do not report it, you may be punished along with the guilty party. An example of this would be knowledge that a guild member is botting.
  • Account sharing is discouraged and you are fully responsible for the actions of whoever is playing on your account. If you lose items due to account sharing, the GM team will not refund them.
  • Lending items to other players is at your own risk. The GM team will not refund items lost in such cases.
  • Any item disappearing due to your own actions is not refundable, only exception to this is if items disappeared due to a bug.
  • Having several accounts online for the purpose of farming free coins from the hourly system can lead to permanent ban on all accounts.
  • Daily rewards are only one time per person each day. This also includes Weekly Quest, World Boss feature and any other feature that limits the use to 1 per computer. Any attempts to bypass this restriction may result in permanent ban depending on the severity.
  • Punishment and conflict resolution is to be kept private between the sanctioned player and the GM team.
  • Punishments are subject to the staff's discretion. Any form of questioning after the staff has come to a resolution from either the sanctioned or a third party can result to punishment.
  • Any item/skill can and will be subjected to a nerf if deemed needed. Might not be discussed or given a prior notice to it. However it will be mentioned in patch notes along with it's change.

Client-side restrictions

  • Do not use any third-party or macro software. This includes auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-farming scripts, auto-clicking etc. Players found using such things to automatize tasks will be permanently banned.
  • Do not modify your game files. Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed (ex: altering sprites for skill delays, etc). The exception to this rule is cosmetic changes.
  • Do not use autopotting softwares.

Player interaction

  • Insulting, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing or any other offending comments can result in punishment. This applies in all chats, including #main.
  • Do not use inappropriate names for your character. The same applies for your guild and its emblem, forum and discord.
  • Do not beg for items or zeny from players or GMs. Asking for help is alright, but flat out asking for items is not.
  - Example of begging:
"Anyone got this?"
"Can I have this?"
"Can someone help me and give me this?"
  • Do not harass other players.
  • Do not use skills that would otherwise inhibit a player from playing the game as intended to be (Ice Wall abuse, Healing mobs, Warp Portal abuse, losing on purpose in Battleground, etc).
  • Do not impersonate other players or GMs. You will be permanently banned.
  • Do not make statements for the GMs. This means you are not allowed to misinform players and pretend a GM said something.
  • Do not trade or send friend requests on PvP and WoE maps. You can use @noask or /notrade to prevent being harassed like this.
  • Do not prevent players from entering a castle during WoE. This includes Bloody Branches at the entrance, Warp Portals, Ice Walls, etc.
  • Your guild must have an unique emblem to participate in WoE.


  • The player interaction rules apply to all channels.
  • Do not spam any of the channels.
  • #main is an English only channel, you can speak any language in other channels.
  • Avoid politics talk in channels as much as possible (these topics never end well).
  • Do not converse about sexually explicit topics on any of the channels.
  • Use the appropriate channels:
    • #lfg: If you are looking for a party, group or guild.
    • #trade: If you are buying or selling items.
    • #support: If you require help.
    • #main: For casual talk.
    • #portuguese/#tagalog/#spanish/etc: Use the correct language for each one of those.
  • Do not send fake messages in #trade (That is to say, you are not allowed to sell items you do not own)
  • Do not joke in #support.
  • Breaking these rules will result in a warning. Repeat offenses will get you muted or banned.


  • Do not troll in Fortessa maps (Fortessa Dungeon, Fortessa Pit, Fortessa Ruins etc.) to make the party get no loot.
  • Do not drop monsters on other players. This rule applies if the player is AFK.
  • MvPs are considered free-for-all.
  • Do not farm while being AFK (this includes macros, using reflect gears, etc).
    • By being AFK, we also imply alt-tabbing to watch a movie, playing on another client, chatting with someone else, etc.
    • If you simply stand still and do not move, you will be considered AFK.
    • You must be actively interacting with the game while farming.
  • Do not use skills to hinder others from participating in killing a MvP. Here are a few common examples:
    • Do not use Warp Portal to attempt to warp players away.
    • Do not cast Pneuma on the MvP to prevent ranged attacks from hitting the mob.
    • Do not purposely rude attack the MvP to make it teleport.
  • Do not hit monsters that belong to another player (kill-stealing). A monster belongs to another player if it is attacking or following him.
    • MvPs are excluded from this rule.
    • GM hosted events are free-for-all, unless stated otherwise by the GM.
    • Homunculus must also follow these rules. Make sure it is not set to KS mode (AzzyAIConfig > Homunculus Tactics > Kill-steal > Never).
  • Do not loot items that do not belong to you. This rule does not apply for MvP loot; please use @autoloot to prevent other players from grabbing your items.
    • Loot becomes free-for-all once the player has left the visible area.
    • Homunculus loot belongs to the homunculus owner.

War of Emperium

See: War of Emperium's Rules

Vending and chatrooms

  • It is preferred to use the vending map (@go market) to open your shops.
  • Shops are closed after 2 days.
  • Do not set absurd prices to reserve your vending spot.
  • Do not grief in the vending area. This means do not push the vendors from their vending cells and etc.
  • The first player to use the Vending skill or the Market Buyer Shop License item will have full priority on the vending cell. If no one used the skill, all players on the cell will be kicked. This means you must be ready before you open a shop.
  • Do not put a character on top of another to block their shop creation or to reserve a spot.
  • Do not use advertising names or false leading information regarding the server. Eg. Dead Server, xxRO, xxRO > SMRO, xx Site. Any vend/chatroom name found unsuitable will be kicked from the server.
  • You are allowed to open a shop/chatroom anywhere, except for these restrictions:
    • Do not block the visibility of a NPC or a portal. You will be kicked.
    • Do not open a shop near the spawn points of towns. You will be kicked.
    • Do not open a shop in Eden, Main Office or Fortessa. Exception to these is opening chatroom in Fortessa as long as you are not blocking NPC or a portal visibility.

How to report rule breakers

Please use the following section to provide us with better reports. Quite often, we cannot punish a player because we are lacking information.

Using the replay feature

This is by far the easiest method to report offending players. While in-game, follow these steps to open the recording feature:

  1. Click on the Rec button from the status bar.
    File:Record 01.png
  2. Start the replay, give it a name and press Start.
    File:Record 02.png File:Record 03.png
  3. When you are finished recording, press Stop.
    File:Record 04.png
  4. Open your RO folder, go in the Replay folder and upload the file on the forum or send it directly to a GM if requested.

Take Screenshots

Take as many screenshots as necessary and upload them on the forum. We recommend using imgur to host the images.

In your screenshots, please show us that you've tried to talk with the problematic players and attempted to solve the issue by yourself first.

Use the Forum/Ticket System

Avoid requesting GM assistance for rule breaking reports. We prefer that you use the forum to report such issues as it is easier for us to see the evidence you've collected.

Alternately, you can also use the Ticket System.

If your report is regarding in-game KS, Vend/Chatroom's etc. you can always use @request <message> to contact currently online GMs.