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Improved Loot System

Old Loot System

The current loot system counts the chance of the killer and bonuses from the killer only, it makes using a bubble gum or any other boosting item for drop pointless if you're not the killer.
And pushes the entire loot that was rolled through RNG through the party lootshare feature.
Which removes loot from the killer and gives it someone else. Which is actually extremely discouraging to party and share loot with someone.

Why was it changed?

To promote partying and working together to achieve goals the whole system got rewritten.

Basically if you're in a party the new loot system automatically takes over. It will check if you're inside an instance, what you're fighting and such. Based on these information it'll now check several factors.

What are these factors ?

  • If the party member that is with the killer has any kind of autoloot active (alootid, aloottype, autoloot).
    • If autoloot is active then the system enables the roll for the specific items that match all categories set by your autoloot (Ex: @autoloot 100 will generate all the loot for you).
Otherwise no extra loot will be generated.

  • If the party member is a simple leecher who never does anything.
No loot will be generated for that person.

  • If the party member is an alt of another person of that party (check several different things).
No loot will be generated if that person is not a real player.

  • If the party member is out of range
No loot will be generated if its out of range.

  • If the monster that is killed is specifically told not to share any kind of special loot (Ex: MVP cards)
No extra loot will be generated in this case.

  • If the party member is dead
No loot will be generated.

  • If the party member is not on the same map
No loot will be generated.

The last check will now check if any of the party members fall through or not.
In case of everyone failing -> Old loot system will be pushed to be used.
In case of not everyone failing -> The new loot system will be pushed to be used.

What happens then exactly?

The drop information of every party member is read and applied to their own drop, they don't stack with each other and are applied separately.
Example: Boosted drop rate from bubble gum or equipment will only apply to you, not to the entire party.

Without autoloot no extra loot will be generated so you'll never see a monster drop xxx items on the floor, at most only the original drop will fall onto the floor.
Example: When a poring is killed, if everyone in a party of 3 has autoloot disabled, only 1 jellopy will drop.

In case of an MvP, every loot except for the MvP Card will be rolled through the new party system in case of an instance and depending on party settings might be shared through the party interface. Otherwise on a normal MvP outside of an instance the loot system will default to basic and no extra loot will be generated.

This way, working on your character and using your own items for bonus loot chance, loot chances will be applied.

Plus it encourages party play in higher rates instances or even lower ones. Even normal grinding for an item.

So what now?

Make a party with a friend or others and farm somewhere items / zeny or instances.


Only the main client will receive loot from the new loot system, while other alt client(s) will receive nothing.
More info on how to setup main and alt client here.


These maps have the Improved Loot system disabled:

  • All Thanatos Tower maps
  • All Bifrost Tower maps
  • All Geffenia maps
  • All Juperus maps

This means the Old Loot system is used there and party members do not generate loot for each other.

Advanced Loot System

Advanced Looting is a newly implemented system that gives you a permanent buff to increase your drop chance depending on what rates you use while leveling.
This buff gets put in place upon reaching Base Level 230.
(Note: The character has to use the main class, NOT a dual class).

How does it work for loot?

These rates stack together with a bubble gum but are not boosted by a bubble gum.
This rate is a constant and is automatically applied to commands such as @mobinfo.
You have no bubble gum, you leveled 1-230 at 1x.
Jellopy basic chance 25%.
Jellopy Advanced Loot system bonus 12.5%
Total: 37.5%

What bonuses are there?

  • This will only apply upon reaching Base Level 230 on your main class, not dual class. This system completely ignores when the dual class reach level 230.
EXP rates used Drop bonus
1x 50%
2x 40%
3x 39%
4x 38%
5x 35%
6-10x 30%
11-15x 25%
16-20x 20%
21-30x 10%
31-40x 5%
41-50x 3%
51-60x 2%
61-90x 1%
91+x 0%

Anything I should look out for!?!

  • This means you cannot purchase a Dual Class to reach level 230 faster.
  • You have to set your preferred EXP rate at the start of this character and NEVER change it until you've reached level 230 and you have the Drop Bonus Icon.
  • Changing your EXP rate at any point before reaching level 230 might remove your bonus fully depending on the rate you selected, it does not matter if it was for a second or an hour.
  • You can use @ratecheck to check the bonus you'll receive upon reaching level 230.
  • Only the base EXP rate matters for getting the drop bonus, job EXP rate can be anything.
  • Upon reaching level 230 it'll only recognize the highest rate you've ever used for the bonus.
  • After the main class gets this drop bonus buff, other classes from Class Mastery will also automatically get it (even at level 1).
  • Talk to Belinda in the Main Office after getting the 50% drop bonus (from leveling at 1x EXP rate) for 100 51007.png Moon Coin and 1 51022.png Alternate Outfit Ticket