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In Shining Moon we have some special features including:

Improved Loot System

Basically, the current loot system in Ragnarok counts the chance of the killer and bonuses from the killer only, it makes using a bubble gum or any other boosting item for drop pointless if you're not the killer. And basically pushes the entire loot that was rolled through RNG through the party lootshare feature. Which basically removes loot from the killer and gives it someone else. Which is actually extremely discouraging to party and share loot with someone.

To promote partying and working together to achieve goals I rewrote the entire system how it works.

Basically if you're in a party the new loot system automatically takes over. It will check if you're inside an instance, what you're fighting and such. Based on these information it'll now check several factors...

  • If the party member that is with the killer has any kind of autoloot active [ Alootid, aloottype, autoloot ].
  • If it's active enable the roll for the specific items that match that category and or all categories ( @autoloot 100 ).

Under certain circumstances, no extra loot will be generated.

  • If the party member is not participating in the fight or is a simple leecher who never does anything.
  • If the party member is an alt of another person of that party (check several different things)
  • If the party member is out of range and or over a certain range away (2 screens or 30 cell range)
  • If the monster that is killed is specifically told not to share any kind of special loot
  • If the party member is not on the same map

The last check will now check if any of the party members fall through or not. In case of everyone failing -> Old loot system will be pushed to be used. In case of not everyone failing -> The new loot system will be pushed to be used.

Now let's get into details of what exactly happens:


The drop information of every party member is read and applied to their own drop, they don't stack with each other and are applied separately.

So in the case of the above, this poring will drop roughly 3 Jellopies that are instantly given to the party members. Without autoloot no extra loot will be generated so you'll never see a poring drop xxx items on the floor, at most only the original drop will fall onto the floor.

In case of an MvP, every loot except for the MvP Card will be rolled through the new party system in case of an instance and depending on party settings might be shared through the party interface. Otherwise on a normal MvP outside of an instance the loot system will default to basic and no extra loot will be generated.

This way, working on your character and using your own items for bonus loot chance, loot chances will be applied. Plus it encourages party play in higher rates instances or even lower ones. Even normal grinding for an item.

Compared to 10 people fighting every monster on their own and 10 fighting together with the correct settings, the amount generated will be in the end the same. Except it's easier for everyone involved and even helps classes that can't farm easily alone such as supporters. However some of the rules mentioned above are in place to not cause any weird farming situations where one person would abuse xx alts to farm items.

Player chosable exp rates

When you make a character you get prompted upon doing the newbie area if you want to change your rates.
At any point after that you can still change them by typing @baserate or @jobrate 1-100.
Once you have chosen your exp rate it stays that way until changed.
Being in a party with another person with another rate chosen does not affect your exp. You will still get exp based on your own rate, no matter who kills the monster.
Advanced Looting is a newly implemented system that gives you a permanent buff to increase your dropchance depending on what rates you use while leveling.
This system gets put in place upon reaching Base Level 230.
[ Note: The character has to use the main class, NOT a dual class ].

How does it work for loot?

These rates stack together with a bubble gum but are not boosted by a bubble gum.
This rate is a constant and is automatically applied to commands such as @mobinfo.
You have no bubble gum, you leveled 1-230 at 1x.
Jellopy basic chance 25%.
Jellopy Advanced Loot system bonus 12.5%
Total: 37.5%

What bonuses are there?

  • This will only apply upon reaching Base Level 230 on your main class, not dual class. When reaching max level on the dual class this system completely ignores it.
  • These bonuses, once acquired will apply to all classes on that character
  • EXP rates used Drop bonus
    1x 50%
    2x 40%
    3x 39%
    4x 38%
    5x 35%
    6-10x 30%
    11-15x 25%
    16-20x 20%
    21-30x 10%
    31-40x 5%
    41-50x 3%
    51-60x 2%
    61-90x 1%
    91+x 0%
  • Other Benefits

    You will also get a specific aura once you reach Base Level 230 by using baserate 1.

    Anything I should look out for!?!

    • This means you cannot purchase a Dual Class to reach the maximum level faster by switching to it to finish quests for your main class.
    • You have to set your preferred EXP rate at the start of this character and NEVER change it until you've reached the maximum level of 230 and you have the Icon.
    • Changing your EXP rate at any point might remove your bonus fully depending on the rate you selected, it does not matter if it was for a second or an hour.
    • You can use @ratecheck to check the bonus you'll receive upon reaching max level.
    • Upon reaching maximum level it'll only select the highest rate you've ever used for the bonus.


    A new account made on a computer with an unique hardware ID can get freebies when they create their first character ever.
    Some of the items you will get includes:
    - 1 Free account-bound costume from 51010.png Costume Treasure .
    - 5 51006.png Moonlight Coin
    - 1 13634.png 1 Hour Package Vol. 1
    - 250,000 Zeny.

    Every character after that gets:
    - 1 13509.png Cutlas Box
    - 1 16430.png Rudra Bow Box
    - 1 16428.png Solar Sword Box
    - 1 16427.png Wrench Box
    - 1 16426.png Moonlight Dagger Box
    - 1 16431.png Poll Axe Box
    - 5 13515.png Grape Box


    Storage Expansion

    Every account has 10 basic storages. Each storage contains a limit of 600. You can rename the storages in the Main Office via the Storage Master NPC.

    Call Storage

    Call Storage is a skill that is unlocked by using 100 Kafra Cards at the NPC Storage Master inside Main Office (@go office). This skill is an accountwide skill, once unlocked by one char it's usable by all other characters on that account. Aswell as future chracters.
    Once learned you can find it in your ETC tab in your skilltree. You can also access it by typing @storage/@storage1-10.

    Hourly Rewards

    Every 1 hour that you are online you get 2 cashpoints.
    Every 2 hours that you are online you get 1 Moonlight Coin.

    Note 1: The hours you're online count upwards. You are online 1 hour today and 1 tomorrow = 2 hours total.
    Note 2: Venders are a special case, they're inside the hourly counting table but differently counted and rewarded.
    -- Vendors get 1 coin every 12 hours.
    Note 3: Relogging or disconnecting resets the timer.
    Note 4: This has no limitation to IP or Computer.

    World Drops

    World Drops is a custom feature in Shining Moon in which any monster killed ( except MVP slaves, mini boss slaves or any kind of slave ), will have a chance to drop one of the following:

    Item Amount
    1910000207.png Random Shadow Box 1
    1910000210.png Ancient Fortessa Coin 1
    1910000209.png Dual Stone Box 1
    12210.png Bubble Gum 1
    6635.png Blacksmith Blessing 1~3
    12103.png Bloody Branch 1~10
    51006.png Moonlight Coin 1
    51006.png Moonlight Coin 10~25
    12211.png Kafra Card 10
    51007.png Moon Coin 10~50
    51022.png Alternate Outfit Ticket 1
    52081.png Silver Treasure Key 1
    52080.png Bronze Treasure Key 1

    Note: These drops have no level requirement, meaning a lvl 1 novice can find them.
    Note 2: These items are added instantly into the inventory.
    Note 3: All these items are not bound, they can be traded / stored / placed in guild storage and so on.

    World Boss

    Once the total amount of monsters killed on the server have reached a certain amount, 300,000 for helheim and 150,000 for nif, and 12 hours of cooldown period have passed the system will automatically summon a random world boss.
    There is an NPC in every town that shows the current amount of overall kills and if there is any time left on the cooldown, otherwise it will allow you to warp to the world boss map.

    These bosses do not drop items in a normal fashioned way, but instead will reward the player with a World Boss Box based on their damage rank, sent instantly to their inventory.
    There is no limitation as to how many players may receive a reward so even 1 damage makes you eligible. However if the boss is not killed, you'll not receive any reward at all.

    Note: There is no level / class / party / guild requirement to participate in this.

    Lucky 3 Slotmachine

    You can use 2x Moonlight Coins per spin on the Lucky 3 Slotmachine.
    You can obtain these coins from various methods ingame including world drops, daily login rewards and fortessa dungeons.
    Possible items obtained from the slot machine include:

    Lucky Roulette

    Next to your minimap (top right) below Cash Shop you will find Lucky Roulette icon.
    In this minigame, you can spin by using 673.png Bronze Coin or 22869.png Lucky Roulette Ticket obtained by chance from Lucky 3 Slotmachine, and from Daily Rewards.
    You can turn the icon on and off via /roulette

    You can get many goodies from Lucky Roulette such as:
    616.png Old Card Album
    12246.png Mystical Card Album
    6234.png Safe to 7 Armor Certificate
    6234.png Safe to 8 Armor Certificate

    Lapine Enchanting

    Lapine Enchanting uses special boxes that open a new UI.

    This UI allows you to do special things to items, such as enchanting, upgrading, refining, converting.

    Lapine Enchanting.png

    Refine UI

    A custom feature of here in Shining Moon; when you double-click on 985.png Elunium 984.png Oridecon or any other refine ores found in your consumable tab (short Con) in your inventory (alt+e) it will bring up the refine UI for you. For a detailed explanation on refining, see Refinement System
    From UI, you can drag the item you want refined and chose which refine material you wish to use.
    At the top of the UI you will see what success chance different items will give, and you will also have the option of using 6635.png Blacksmith Blessing which you can receive from 52024.png Special Lucky 3 , World Boss, Fortessa Themed Dungeons , Guardian Angel, and World Drops
    A guide to refining can be found here

    Below you will see two pictures showing you the UI and how it looks once an item is in it:
    Refine UI.png

    Refine UI 2.png

    Level Box

    When you first create a char and login for the first time you will recieve a Level Box in your inventory.
    Once you reach a specific level being 1, 50, 99 and 150 you can open the box to gain items to help you in your adventures.
    Once a box is opened you will automatically gain the next one, which can then be opened when you reach next required level.
    You will gain items such as:

    Basic Package ( Lv 1 ) Intermediate Package (Lv 50) Veteran Package (Lv 99) Master Package (Lv 150)
    Battle Manual 50% Kafra Card (x2) Battle Manual 50% Token of Siegfried (x2)
    Novice Potion (x100) Small Life Potion (x2) Job Manual 50% Small Defense Potion (x2)
    Blessing Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Assumptio Lv 5 Scroll (x5) Regeneration Potion (x5) Bubble Gum (x2)
    Agility Lv 10 Scroll (x5) Yellow Potion (x100) Blue Potion (x25) White Potion (x100)

    Costume Drops

    429 different costumes can be dropped by 429 different monsters each at the rate of 0.03%.
    For a full list of which monster drops what, go to Costume

    Achievements & Titles

    Custom Achievements and Titles

    Baby Edits

    • As a baby char, normally you had certain limitations and penalties, these have been reworked and you can now equip gear that you normally couldn't. For example, a baby Arch Bishop couldn't wear Diabolus Robe because of the "Transcended Status". As-long as it matches your gender, class and level you can equip it.
    • There is no longer a penalty to HP/SP. Every Baby Class have the 25% transcended HP/SP automatically.
    • You can equip any transcended equipment.
    • You will have the the same status points as the "adult" version. e.g. 130 max in a stat.
    • You will have the same skill points as the "adult" version.
    • You will have the transcended skills for your class, e.g. Assumptio for baby Priest/Arch Bishop.
    • Baby chars can purchase a secondary class, just like others. You can also make that a normal char, and if you are adopted, not gone through @babyme or the job changer, the secondary class, even "adult", will be adopted.
    • Baby chars has no penalties to stats e.g. ATK, FLEE, HIT.
    • Baby chars can purchase alternative outfits, just like normal chars.
    • Babies have no penalty towards crafting.
    • Baby classes are considered size medium in pvp.

    Custom Battlegrounds

    We have Battlegrounds for those hardcore PvP'ers.
    Some of the custom battlegrounds we have are Bossnia (Alterac Valley style from WoW) and Eye of the Storm also based on WoW.

    Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter.png
    Monster Hunter npcs are where you can turn in the 51012.png Monster Hunter Coin you earned from completing achievements or from world drops for rewards such as experience boosting gears, several consumable buffs and more!

    Daily Check-in

    Shining Moon Daily Check-in calendar.

    The Daily Rewards of Shining Moon offers several rewards such as:

    In addition to the displayed items, you will also recieve 51006.png Moonlight Coins x14, 51011.png Loyalty Certificates x10, and 7829.png Valor Badge x25 in helheim and niflheim. The 10th, 14th and 16th day reward differs on each server.

    for Niflheim, the respective rewards for those days are:

    for Helheim, the respective rewards for those days are:

    Class Mastery

    [Cannot be used inside instance maps!]

    Class Master Brutus

    Visit Class Master Brutus in the Main Office to purchase your secondary class slot for 25,000,000 Zeny. Alternatively you can purchase the Class Scroll from the Cash shop to unlock your secondary class slot.
    The 3rd class slot can be purchased for 500,000,000 Zeny or you can purchase the 52041.png Letter from Brutus from the Cash shop, World Boss Shop, Event Shop, or obtain it from World Bosses to unlock your third class slot.

    Every purchased extra class will automatically be a Novice 1/1.

    You can have up to 3 different classes (or the same class x3 on the same character).
    You can swap between these classes using the skill: Class Mastery
    -- [Class Mastery] Lvl 1 - Main Class
    -- [Class Mastery] Lvl 2 - Secondary Class
    -- [Class Mastery] Lvl 3 - Third Class
    -- [Class Mastery] Lvl 4 - Menu selection to swap between classes

    You can find this skill in ETC of your skill tree (ALT+S)
    Your drop bonus will apply to your other classes in the same character


    We have a warper in every town that can take you to any level dungeon or any field you so desire. It can aswell send you to any guild dungeon without you actually having to be in a guild.
    We also have an option called "Special Areas" where you can go to the Styling Room and try out costumes to see what you would like to wear. In special areas we also have Eden Headquarters, but you could aswell just type @go eden to go there.
    In the option "Nightmare" we have all nightmare areas. Nightmare Bio Lab, Nightmare Clock Tower, Nightmare Pyramid and Nightmare Scaraba Hole. In the option "Guild Castles" you find every guild castle that exists. In the option "Guild Dungeons" you can find every guild dungeon for your convinience.


    The command @warp was recently added, so if you want to get back to a place fast you could type in your chat @warp pay_fild01 for example and it warps you to the same xy positions the Warper does.
    Everything has been added to this command, fields, towns and dungeons.

    Alternate Outfits

    We have Alternative Outfits for most of the classes in Ragnarok Online, the newest being Shadow Chaser.
    To purchase your alternative sprite, go to Prontera, talk to the Stylist and chose Outfit Style.

    Each alternate outfit costs 5,000 Cash Points or from Alternate Outfit Ticket which can be acquired ingame, and is character bound (meaning, if you have two Geneticists, you will need to pay for one outfit for each character).
    When it has been purchased, the option text will turn from red to black, and you can switch outfits at any time by returning to the Stylist.

    Below is examples of how it would look


    Instance Manager

    We have a special NPC in Fortessa most of the main towns called Instance Manager, which can create and teleport you to any instance there is, with exception for custom instances.
    You can aswell use the Instance Manager below your Basic Information window, just press the arrow button to unfold it.

    The Instance Manager will also check for quests you have active for dungeons that require a quest, such as Bios Island.
    And also for items for dungeons that requires certain items, such as Octopus Cave.

    Weekly Quest

    You can do original and custom Instances for Weekly Quest. You have 1 week to finish 5 memorial dungeons and hand in at the Instance Manager and he will reward you with 51010.png Costume Treasure , which contains a random costume headgear.

    Instance Coins

    Certain instances reward players with 1900000001.png Instance Coin which can be used in the Instance Points Shop located in @go 46 or @go exc

    Fortessa Themed Dungeons

    Fortessa Themed Dungeons are custom dungeons designed to be shining moon's endgame
    You can obtain special consumable items and 1910000210.png Ancient Fortessa Coin which can be used to purchase various items in its shop.
    Warning !!
    These dungeon is not suggested for new players and will definitely kill you.
    These dungeons are subject to custom class changes for balancing purposes
    These dungeon requires you to have finished Dark Society at least once.

    9 Illusion Dungeons

    Shining Moon has all 9 Illusion Dungeons and their craftable items and their enchants. The illusion dungeon gears can also be purchased from Miffy and Nelsha in @go 44. Weapons dropped by monsters in illusion dungeons come with random enchants.

    Illusion Gear NPCs.png