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51006.png Moonlight Coin (MLC) is a special kind of currency exclusive to Shining Moon. It can be exchanged for Cash Points, spent to purchase consumables, headgears, and more!

Earning Moonlight Coins

There are various ways to earn Moonlight coins:

  • From Daily Rewards
  • Participate in our various Automated events for a chance to win Moonlight Coins.
  • Kill rare Champion Monsters which spawn in several maps for a chance to get a Small Coin Bag which contains Moonlight Coins.
  • Or, just buy Moonlight Coins from other players by browsing the Shining Moon vending map or by making an offer in #trade channel.


Cash Point Exchange

In the Main Office, you can exchange 12 Moonlight Coins for 100 Cash Points. Cash points can be spent at the Cash Shop or to purchase Alternative Outfits.

Lucky 3 Slot Machine

You can pull the lever of the Lucky 3 Slot Machine with 2 Moonlight Coins for 1 attempt or 500 Moonlight Coins for a batch of 250. Among the prizes you can find Moonlight Coins, Bloody Branches, Gym Passes, buff foods and much more!

The Claw

The Claw is a machine located in Eden Group HQ which holds 4 exclusive headgears that rotate monthly. Players can spend 250 Moonlight Coins to get a random hat, or 500 Moonlight Coins to choose a specific hat.

Vending Machine

The Vending Machine is the general store that uses Moonlight Coins as currency. It is located next to The Claw in Eden Group HQ /navi moc_para01 13/24. Below is a list of merchandise purchasable from the machine.

Shop List
Image Name Price Type Description
File:Convexmirror.gif Convex Mirror 150 MLC Consumable Shows the location of the MVP on the minimap or shows the exact time when it respawns.

Lord of the Dead, Bio Lab MVPs, Ktullanux, Memory of Thanatos,

and event MVPs cannot be detected.

File:Battlemanual1.png HE Battle Manual 200 MLC Consumable EXP rate increases to 200% for 15 minutes. Works with quests.
File:Bubblegum1.png HE Bubble Gum 250 MLC Consumable Item drop rate increases by 200% for 15 minutes.
File:Bloodybranch.png Bloody Branch 250 MLC Consumable Summons a random MVP monster when used.
File:Asgardblessing.png Asgard Blessing[1] 500 MLC Upper Heagear All Stats +2
Reduces Damage from all elements by 5%
Recovers 2% HP and 1% SP every 10 seconds.
File:Heroicbackpack.png Heroic Backpack[1] 750 MLC Garment If refined to +7 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,
  • Str -> Attack +20
  • Int -> Magic Attack +30
  • Vit -> Tolerance to Neutral Property +5
  • Agi -> Aspd +8%
  • Dex -> Ranged Attack +5
  • Luk -> Inflict 10% more critical attack.

If refined to +9 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,

  • Str -> Attack +30
  • Int -> Magic Attack +50
  • Vit -> Tolerance to Neutral Property +10
  • Agi -> Aspd +8% & Aspd +1
  • Dex -> Ranged Attack +10
  • Luk -> Inflict 15% more critical attack.
File:Immuneshield2.png Immune Shield[1] 750 MLC Shield If upgraded to +5 or higher, increases 1% of tolerance against Neutral attack.
(The tolerance increase is limited to refine level 12) per refine level.
If upgraded to +7 increased tolerance against Neutral by 5%.
If upgraded to +9 or higher increases tolerance to Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind by 5%.
File:Variantshoes.png Enchanced Variant Shoes[1] 750 MLC Footgear MaxHP/MaxSP +12%.
Bonus 1 DEF/MDEF per refine rate.

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