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Battle Manual Exchange

Battle manual npc.png

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  1. Talk to the NPC.
  2. Bring 100 909.png Jellopy  to the NPC.
  3. Rewarded with 5 12263.png Field Manuals (+50% Exp for 30 minutes).


  • Quest can only be completed once per character.
  • The rewarded battle manuals are character bound.
  • Jellopy can be acquired via the Meat Exchange in Umbala.

Gum & Manual Exchanger

Located in the 2nd Floor of Eden Group
  1. Talk to the NPC in Eden 2nd Floor
  2. Bring 3x 14545.png Battle Manual X3
  3. Rewarded with 1 12263.png Field Manual (+50% Exp for 30 minutes)

Booster Shop

Lime Evanor in eden opens the booster coin shop